The Ghajar Guide® Cranial Drill - Standard Drill System (#04-0001)

The Ghajar Guide® Cranial Drill is a disposable intracranial drill system for ventriculostomy composed of a palm grip drill, spacer clips and guide base for drilling at the RIGHT ANGLE.

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The Standard Drill System:

  • Palm grip standard drill (5.7 mm)
  • 4 spacer clips
  • Guide Base
  • Ventricular catheter insert
  • Click here for price or call:
    1-800-551-6070 (International  1-212-334-6080)


Use of The Ghajar Guide® Cranial Drill is indicatated when cerebral ventriculostomy is required for intra cranial pressure (ICP) monitoring or cerebrospinal fluid drainage procedures. In addition, this drill is indicated for drainage of chronic subdural hematomas with concurrent use of a subdural drainage system.

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