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Ghajar Guide Five Piece (05-0002)

Ghajar Guide Five Piece (05-0002)
  • $342.00
$342 per Box, Four Kits in a Box

The Ghajar Guide® (#05-0002) Five Piece consists of a rigid tripod with central base, and inserts for small, medium, large and unitized catheters. The inner diameter of the insert is marked on the insert's flange. The unitized insert fits a stylet or ventricular introducer for introduction of a unitized catheter. The Ghajar Guide® is packaged sterile, with the medium insert assembled in the base.


  • First Pass RIGHT ANGLE catheter placement


  • Significant reduction in intraoperative time and cost
  • Single use disposable product


  • May be used for all ages, from new born to adult
  • Can be used in Operating Room or by the bedside
  • For ICP monitoring, shunting procedures, external CSF drainage or Ommaya Reservoir placement
  • Available to fit all catheter diameters


The Ghajar Guide® is designed to be used as a device for anterior placement of an intraventricular catheter at ninety degrees to the skull surface.

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